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Our Name and How We Started

With our proximity to two bodies of water, Lake Tuscaloosa and the Black Warrior River, we decided to choose a name that reflects not only our geographic location, but also our admiration for the man behind their names:

Chief Tuskaloosa - aka Black Warrior

The name Tuskaloosa comes from the Choctaw words “tushka” meaning warrior and “lusa” meaning black.

He was an impressive man and leader who found his fate while leading the Battle of Mabila against the Spanish conquistador, Hernando de Soto.

You can learn more about the man behind our name at:

Our business was kicked off when we began looking for things to do with our 'spare' time at home during COVID.  It started with tying crappie jigs then expanded to pouring baits.

I learned to tie jigs watching YouTube videos. We have included links in our Resources section to the folks that I learned from.  That was tremendously satisfying and consumed a good bit of time; however, things changed quickly and pointed us in another direction.

My cousin worked diligently for years to get his bait business off the ground.  We continuously encouraged him through his highs and lows as he was pouring (pun intended) himself into the endeavor.  It was clear that he might have internal capacity constraints as his business grew, so I encouraged him to let me know if/when he might need a hand.  Well, that need came and it came in a hurry.

He explained his new increase in sales and took me up on my offer to help alleviate some pain by running baits for him.  We were able to assist him with his increase in customer demand through 2021 and in early 2022, he encouraged us to build our own business as you see it today.

We are not proud people.  We humbly serve the Lord in everything that we do.

Hollie and I are based in Northport, Al.  We have two grown kids and 4 grandchildren.  Two old enough to fish and love it.